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While many simulator addons are not written specifically for OnAir Company, most will work without conflicts. This applies not only for aircraft, but also airports and other tools. Links and information regarding various addons are listed below.


There are many addons that are free and community maintained ranging from a few individuals to large groups of players.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

These are addons specific to MSFS2020.

Professional Third-Party

Many addons can be downloaded from a third-party company or storefront which may be officially licensed by a manufacturer or publisher. Availability, pricing, and quality can vary based on company and simulator.

Officially Supported

Below is a list of addons specifically for use with OnAir Company and officially supported by staff and/or community members.

  • Boeing 747-8F
    • Modification of the Asobo 747-8i to match the empty weight of a Boeing 747-8F Freighter.
      • Note: Will no longer be compatible with the 747-8i unless uninstalled.