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Airport and FBO

This chapter covers everything you need to know about airports and FBOs (Forward Base of Operations) within the OnAir World. You will learn how to display Airport Details, search for FBOs and how to start and manage your own FBOs.

Airport Details

Example of a selected airports details

Details about every airport within the OnAir World can be displayed by clicking on most airport ICAO codes found on many pages in the application. The Airport database can also be accessed by using the “World” menu and selecting “Airports”.

  1. At the top of the page, you can enter another valid airport ICAO code and by using the “Display” button, details about that airport will be shown. If you do not know the ICAO code, you can use the “plus” button and search for the airport by its name. To the right of the “Display” button is the “find jobs at this airport” button which loads the Logistic Center and starts a search for jobs around this airport. The ”Display Events” button opens a small window which shows a record of all events involving this airport. There are also buttons that open up a browser page with details on this airport from SkyVector and AirNav.
  2. This area shows information about the airport that is important for you to know when planning flights into or out of this airport. Of particular interest are the operating hours. Each airport within the OnAir World has regular operating hours and landing at an airport when it is closed will incur a 200cr penalty. You can change the period of operating hours by using the “Company UTC offset” in the Global Settings. If you don’t want to be concerned with the landing penalties at all, you can turn them off in the Global Settings by using the “Disable Landing Penalties” option but this is only possible if you are not playing in Survival Mode. Below the operating hours, you will find icons that show the types of landing areas which are available at this airport. And to the right, is a list of all runways and the landing fees for each class of aircraft.

18px-OOjs UI icon lightbulb-yellow.svg.png Tip:

    • Owning an FBO at any airport reduces your landing fees there by 70%.
    • You can hover over the “i” icon after the operating hours to see details about how these hours are calculated.
  1. The map on this page has features similar to the other maps found in the application and can be zoomed or panned.
  2. This area displays all system and player owned FBOs at this airport and what services each one provides. You can hover over each of the service icons to display a tooltip with details. A complete description of each possible service is provided in the next section (FBO Search). If you own any of the FBOs here, their names will be displayed in blue and can be clicked to open the FBO Management page, described in detail later in this chapter. The “Find in the Vicinity” button opens the FBO Search page. If your company does not have an FBO11. Airports and FBOs at thi11. Airports and FBOss airport, a “Create an FBO” button will also be available here (not shown in the picture above). You can also purchase portable (5.3-gallon) fuel cans here (if available) and transport them as regular cargo to another airport where one of your aircraft is stranded/out of fuel.
  3. This area displays all of your company employees, aircraft, cargo and passengers located at this airport. Other player’s aircraft will be visible here in a future update. Any actions that can be performed on your employees and aircraft located here, will show a corresponding button.

FBO Search

FBO search page

If you are looking for FBOs around a specific area, you can use the “World” menu and select “FBOs” to load the FBO Search page. This page can also be accessed by using the “Find in the Vicinity” button on any Airport Details page.

At the top of the page is a search bar where you can enter a valid airport ICAO code (if you don’t know the ICAO code, you can use the “plus” button to search for the airport by name), enter a max range for your search (0 to 500 NM) and use the “Query Database” button to execute the search. Each column in the search results list is described below:

  • ICAO: The airport ICAO code for this FBO which is also a link that can be clicked to access the Airport Details page.
  • Airport: The name of the airport where this FBO is located.
  • Size: The size of the airport where this FBO is located, which is determined by the length of the airport’s longest runway.
  • Is mine: If this FBO is owned by your company, it will be indicated in this column by an orange dot .
  • FBO: The name of the FBO. All system FBOs have names that start with the name of the airport where they are located followed by “FBO”. Names of player owned FBOs are chosen by the players but default to the player company’s four-character code, followed by the name of the airport where the FBO is located.
  • Distance: This is the distance of this FBO from the selected search location.
  • Heading: This is the magnetic heading of this FBO from the selected search location.
  •  100LL Fuel: Price per gallon of 100LL fuel at this FBO.
  • Jet Fuel: Price per gallon of Jet fuel at this FBO.
  • 100LL (gal): The amount of 100LL fuel currently stored at this FBO.
  • Jet (gal): The amount of Jet fuel currently stored at this FBO.
  • Workshop markup: The cost markup of workshop services at this FBO, rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • SEP - HEAVY: These six columns indicate what level (if any) workshop is available at this FBO for each of the six aircraft type categories. A solid circle indicates a level 1 workshop and a circle with a dot in the center, indicates a level 2 workshop is available. A level 2 workshop is needed for annual checkups and engine replacements.
  •  Services: This column displays the services available at this FBO. Public services may include 100LL fuel, Jet fuel and a workshop. Hovering over the workshop wrench icon will display a tooltip with more details, including the exact workshop markup. For your own FBOs, you will also see other icons for any available services (cargo storage, crew rooms or aircraft tie downs).

Warning-Message-18.png Note: 100LL or Jet fuel service is only available at an FBO if this column contains that particular fuel icon. There could be fuel present at an FBO but unless the service icon is showing, it is not available to the public.

  •   Actions: For any FBOs that your company owns, you will find a “Manage” button in this column which when used, loads the FBO Management page, described in detail in the next section.
  •   Upgrade: If an FBO is being constructed or undergoing an upgrade, you will see an icon in this column . Hovering over this icon will display a tooltip with details about when the construction or upgrade will be completed.

18px-OOjs UI icon lightbulb-yellow.svg.png Tip:

  •   Most columns in the list can be sorted by clicking on their titles and filtered by using the little “filter” button in the column headers.
  •   System FBOs (those that are not owned by players) restock their fuel if needed once a week to a random amount between 50% and 100% of their max amount.
  •   It is important to note that FBOs are not automatically sorted by distance - verify the distance before you head out on your next flight!

FBO Management

Main FBO configuration page

To open your own FBO, use the “Create an FBO” button found on any Airport Details page where you don’t already have one. There can only be one FBO per company at any airport but there is no limit to how many companies can have FBOs at any particular airport, nor is there a limit to how many FBOs your company can have worldwide. In order to open FBOs, you must unlock the appropriate skill in the Company Skill Tree.

If you already have one or more FBOs, you can access their management page from:

  •  The Airport Details page where the FBO is located, by clicking on the FBO name which will be displayed in blue in the FBOs section located in the upper right.
  •  From the “My FBOs” page under the “My Company” menu, by using the “Manage” button in the “Actions” column of the list. The “My FBOs” page shows the same information as described in the previous section (FBO Search), except that only your own FBOs are displayed.

If you came to this page immediately after using the “Create an FBO” button, the only details that you will see here are the “FBO Name” field where you can enter a name for your new FBO (remember that others will see this so make sure it is not offensive) and the “FBO Assets Configuration” area, where you can choose the initial options you would like to have at your FBO. You will also see the ”Get a Quotation” button which when used, will load a new page detailing the cost and time of the proposed work. If you are happy with the cost and time, you can accept, otherwise you can cancel.

If you are on this page after the initial setup of your FBO has already been started or completed, you will see most, if not all of the details shown in the picture above.

  • FBO Name: Here you can edit the name of your FBO, even after it has already been created. Again, please choose a name that would not be offensive to others.
  • Save: This button will save the FBO name, the fuel selling prices and the workshop markup rate.
  • FBO Assets Configuration: This is where you can change the options that you would like to have at your FBO. Any changes that you make here will only go into effect after you request a quotation and accept the cost and time needed to complete the upgrades and wait until the work is finished.
  •  Cargo Hangar: If you plan on leaving cargo overnight at this airport often, having a cargo hangar will save you on storage fees that the airport will otherwise charge you. The maximum amount is 500,000 lbs
  • 100LL and Jet Fuel Tanks: Having your own fuel tanks at the FBO allows you to purchase fuel at wholesale prices which you can then use to refuel your aircraft or make it available to other players at a profit, if you like. The maximum amount is 500,000 gallons per tank, but more than one can be created.
  •  Crew Rooms: Having crew rooms at your FBO allows your employees to rest there for free, instead of having to pay hotel fees. The maximum amount is 50
  •  Aircraft Tie downs and Aircraft Hangar: These allow your company aircraft to park at this airport for free. In the future, hangars will include a deicing feature. The maximum amount of each is 50.
  •  Sell fuel to other players: Here, you can choose to make your fuel available to other players. When either one of the fuel type boxes is checked, others will be able to buy fuel from your FBO at the price that you choose here. Selling fuel to others requires the appropriate skill to be unlocked in the Company Skill Tree.
  • Workshop Agreements: Having a workshop at your FBO allows you to service and repair your aircraft at this airport. Having a workshop requires the appropriate skill to be unlocked in the Company Skill Tree.
    •  You can decide which categories of aircraft your workshop will be able to service and what level of service it will be able to provide. You will need level 2 to perform annual checkups and engine replacements, otherwise level 1 will suffice.
  •  You can also allow others to use your workshop with a cost markup, if you like. This also requires the appropriate skill to be unlocked in the Company Skill Tree
  •  In order for your workshop to function, you will need at least one mechanic assigned to it. You can hire mechanics for your company from the Job Market page.
  • Get a Quotation: Using this button will load a new page detailing the cost and time of the proposed work that you have selected above and if you are happy with it, you can accept, otherwise you can cancel and come back to the main FBO Management page.
  • Fuel Orders: If you have fuel tanks at your FBO, you can purchase fuel here at wholesale prices up to the maximum amount that your fuel tanks can hold. When you have entered the amounts that you want to purchase, use the “Order Fuel” button to finalize the order.
  • Logistic Queries: Logistic Queries are special jobs that your FBOs provide for your company. With the appropriate skill unlocked in the Company Skill Tree, you can have up to three queries in a repeating queue which can provide you with new jobs as often as every day. Each queue is color coded and corresponds to the queues found on the FBO Queries page. Each query will provide your company with jobs originating at this airport as well as jobs that have this airport as its destination. You decide the parameters for each query, including the direction, range, minimum and maximum cargo and passengers and the minimum airport size. After you have entered your desired parameters, remember to use the “Save Queries Parameters” button. You can also use the “Look at current Jobs proposal” button and the FBO Queries page will load, showing you the currently available FBO Query Jobs.

FBO Creation/Upgrade Time and Costs

Time to complete* Cost
FBO Creation (License) 2 days 3,000cr
Project Paperwork 30 min 800cr
Cargo Hangar 1 min/lb. 12cr/lb.
Fuel Tanks 1 min/gal 7cr/gal
Crew Rooms 1 day/room 2,000cr/room
Aircraft Tie Downs 1 hr./tie down 500cr/tie down
Aircraft Hangars 3 days/hangar 2,000cr/hangar
Workshops: **
SEP Level 1

SEP Level 2

MEP Level 1

MEP Level 2

TURBO Level 1

TURBO Level 2

JET Level 1

JET Level 2



2 days

1 day

2 days, 4 hours

1 day, 2 hours

3 days, 9 hours

1 day, 16 hours

4 days, 4 hours

2 days, 2 hours

6 days, 9 hours

3 days, 4 hours











* The total time to complete any given order is the time it takes to complete the most time-consuming part of the entire order. Example: an order for 1 Aircraft Hangar and 10 Aircraft Tie Downs will take 3 days (the time it takes to complete the most time-consuming part of the order – the hangar) instead of 3 days and 10 hours of cumulative time.

** The workshop upgrade completion time in the table is rounded down to the nearest hour.