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Setup your Company

After launching OnAir for the first time after creating your account, you will be presented with the Company Setup screen. Your new company details and starting options will be entered within this screen.

Starting Options

  1. Company Name[1]
    • Please choose a name that is not offensive as it will be seen by other players.
  2. Airline Code[2]
    • This 4-character code must be unique within the OnAir World you have chosen and may contain only letters and numbers.
  3. Pilot Pseudo[2]
    • This is your player name (pseudonym).
    • As above, please choose one that will not be offensive to others.
  4. Birthday/Flight Experience[2]
    • These are for your fictional CEO and do not need to be real.
  5. Initial Location[3]
    • Select an airport ICAO code where you would like to begin your OnAir career.
    • Initial missions for your company will be generated at this airport.
  6. Avatar[2]
    • Select a portrait to represent your player.
  7. I don’t use any simulator…[2]
    • Also known as Tycoon Mode. Use this option if you prefer to play only by using AI pilots.
    • Allows using your player to fly as if it was an AI pilot without the use of a simulator.
  8. Difficulty Level
  9. Company Pay Bonus
    • Adjusting this will increase the amount of credits you will receive for completing jobs.
    • The maximum bonus is 90%.
  10. Activate Survival Mode[2]
    • See Survival Mode.
    • This option is meant for experienced players and/or those looking for realistic game-play.

Initial Difficulty Values

The chosen difficulty will adjust these values when creating a new company.

Level Equity Reputation Maximum Loan
Easy 470,000 Cr 70% 1,190,000 Cr
Classic 170,000 Cr 50% 250,000 Cr
Realistic 70,000 Cr 30% 60,000 Cr

Survival Mode

Survival mode is an option intended to make the game more challenging for experienced players. This mode can be disabled, but it cannot be enabled and is only available upon creating a new company.

In addition, the following unrealistic options are disabled in Survival Mode:

  • Instant player and employee transport.
  • Lower checkride difficulty.
  • Lower minimum aircraft rental hours.
  • Instant loading of cargo and passengers.
  • Instant unlocking of the entire Skill Tree.
  • Disable employee rest.
  • Disable forcing time in simulator[4].
  • Disable landing penalties[5].


  1. May be changed later in Global Settings.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Cannot be changed without restarting your company.
  3. May be changed later through employee relocation.
  4. Adjusting time will still available via UTC offset in the Global Settings.
  5. Landing outside of normal operating hours.