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Company Dashboard menu

The dashboard is the first page displayed when entering the chosen OnAir World. This screen presents the user with a quick company overview with links to frequently used pages governing all major aspects.


The main menu is visible and can be accessed from any other page of the application. Browser-style Back, Forward, and Home buttons are available below the menu allowing users to seek through recent pages and quickly reach the dashboard.

World Menu
Global Market Databases Social
Find Jobs Displays the Logistic Center to search for available jobs. Airports Airport details search. Virtual Airlines[2] List of active Virtual Airlines.
Hire Employees Displays the Job Market where employees may be searched and hired. FBOs Display list of FBOs (Forward Base of Operations). Partnerships View and manage partnerships with other player companies of the same world.
Search/Generate Aircraft Search for available aircraft for purchase or rent. Aircraft Usage Tree Display most common aircraft usage grouped by class. Multiplayer Map Display map of players in the world, update hourly.
Aircraft at Airports Search for aircraft at a specific airport. Chat Chat with other players of the same world.
Companies Detail Search for details of other player companies.
Last Flights Latest flights for the current world.
Leaderboards[3] Displays the world company leaderboards.
VA Operations Menu[2]
Management Member
VA members only
Manage VA[4] Operations
Non-VA members
Create a Virtual Airline Pending Invitations
Options Menu
Settings Exit
Global Settings View or change company settings and preferences. Go back to Lobby Log out of the current world and return to Worlds selection.
Import new Aircraft Perform a test flight for an aircraft not listed in OnAir. Credits Display application credits.

Shortcuts and Simulator Status

Main menu

Shortcuts to access the Aircraft, Live Map and Pending Jobs pages are available at the top of the main window. Beneath the shortcuts, the player's simulator status icon and text as detected by OnAir will be displayed.

Dashboard Overview

The largest section of the dashboard is the overview which is headed by the company name, four-character code and bonus factor if in use. Below the header are several boxes of information used as shortcuts to various relevant pages.

Overview Layout
Current Cash Company Value Income
Total company funds on hand

Quick link to Balance Ledger

Total of all company assets and cash on hand

Quick link to Balance Sheet Overview

Net profit for the previous week and 4 weeks

Quick link to Income Statement

Ratios Jobs Aircraft
  • Ratio of loans to all assets
  • Ratio of income to all assets

Quick link to Company Ratios

Number of pending and completed jobs

Quick link to Pending Jobs

Count of aircraft in flight and total aircraft owned and rented

Quick link to Aircraft Listing

FBOs Level Employees
Total number of FBOs owned

Quick link to FBO Listing

Displays player level, experience, and reputation

Quick link to Company Skills Tree

Total count of employees

Quick link to Employee Listing

Notifications and Partners


The right side of the dashboard is reserved for display the 25 most recent notifications and any partnerships the player has with others. New events listed in the Notifications Log will be displayed in bold and can be marked as read using the envelope button along the right side within the frame header. Messages accompanied by an ellipse button can be clicked for further details. Note that events that occur while the application is open will also prompt a notification in the bottom right of the screen.

If a player has joined in a partnership with others, these will be listed in the rightmost frame. Partners that are currently connected to OnAir will appear with a green dot next to their name. The header includes options to refresh the list as well as a button to display partnership details, or if the user has no current partnerships, a search page will be shown.

Dashboard Footer


The Dashboard footer area contains links to any OnAir website, documentation, social and Community content.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Shortcut also provided.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Only displayed on Thunder.
  3. Only displayed on Stratus and Thunder.
  4. Only displayed if player owns the Virtual Airline.