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Many players may have common questions which the community can address. Listed below are some of the answers to such issues.

OnAir Specific Questions

What lights are required to be on or off

OnAir enforces a few regulations regarding lights, some of these may not reflect real-world regulations or laws depending on company, regulatory body, and region of the world.

  • Before turning ENGINE ON
    • All lights OFF
    • If aircraft has beacon lights
      • Beacon light ON
    • If aircraft has no beacon lights
      • Strobe light ON
  • Flights below 10,000 ft MSL
    • Landing lights ON
  • Flights above 12,000 ft MSL
    • Landing lights OFF
  • Flight between 10,000 ft and 12,000 ft MSL
    • Landing lights ON or OFF
    • Suggestions:
      • When ascending from below FL100 to above FL120: Pause at 11,000 ft to turn Landing lights OFF
      • When descending from above FL120 to below FL100: Pause at 11,000 ft to turn Landing lights ON
  • Before turning ENGINE OFF
    • All lights OFF
    • Optional:
      • Beacon/Strobe light ON

How is fuel, speed, and range calculated

OnAir gathers live aircraft statistics regarding airspeed, fuel usage, altitude, and others in the simulator for every flight players take. This data is used to calculate average fuel usage and speed for a given flight level. This information is then averaged to produce overall fuel usage, range, as well as airspeed and flight level for AI pilots.

For more information, see Aircraft Flight Statistics.

How is job pay calculated

Research on this topic is still required.

How can I fly during day or night in my sim

Whether you play during the day or night, there are two ways to fly in your simulator during different hours:

  1. OnAir offers a UTC Offset to be changed[OnAir 1] in Global Settings to your preference.
  2. Travel to a different part of the world to play during your preferred hours.

How do I fly different types of aircraft

Players must qualify by requesting a Checkride for each aircraft classification to be allowed to fly.

What does the job Expires field mean

All jobs (but not missions) have a specific expiration date and time. If not accepted before this time, the job will be removed from the logistics center. However, once a job is accepted, the expiration time changes in purpose.

If an accepted job is completed before time expires, the player receives the pay normally and nothing special occurs. If the time expires instead, the player receives the pay minus the listed job penalty upon delivery. Should the job remain undelivered for 15 days, it will be removed and penalties applied to the player's account automatically.


  1. UTC Offset may only be changed when no flights are in progress.

General Simulator Questions

Which simulators are supported

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2020
  • Prepar3D version 3+
  • X-Plane 11

For more details, see Simulators.

How do I resume/recover if my sim crashes

If your simulator crashes or if you need to take a break, OnAir supports resuming your flight.

  1. Restart your simulator and load into your aircraft near your last position.
  2. Ensure your engine is running.
  3. Proceed to the OnAir flight tracking page.
  4. Click "Position aircraft in simulator[Gen 1]"
  5. Fine tune your aircraft's position, altitude, and heading.
  6. Ensure OnAir shows no errors (marked with red icons) in tracking.
  7. Disable slew mode in your simulator.

For more details, see Resuming Flights.

Can I use time acceleration

Time acceleration is allowed in all worlds. Normally however, your character will remain in a "warp" until the real amount of time required for the flight has passed; during warp, your character will be unable to start new flights.

ClearSky and Cumulus offer choices in Global Settings to ignore warp requirements.

Can I use 3rd party aircraft in my sim

Some 3rd party aircraft are allowed depending on their statistics.

For more details, see Aircraft Moderation.


  1. It is recommended to wait for all scenery to load after your aircraft is positioned.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Questions

Can I use Live Weather with UTC Offset

Yes. Ensure live weather is set before you begin tracking in OnAir.

Warning-Message-18.png Note: Changing weather to live during an active flight is not recommended and may result time being changed, causing OnAir to cancel tracking.

Why does OnAir show shorter range than my sim

Some aircraft internal stats result in shorter possible range than what is displayed in the aircraft selection screen. Since OnAir uses live statistics for calculations, the real range will be reflected.