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Global Settings

Global settings screen

One of the first things that you may want to do after creating your company is to visit the Global Settings page.

On this page, you can adjust the settings that affect the OnAir application interface and those that decide how easy or realistic your experience will be while running and managing your company.

  • Select your simulator: Choose between FSX/Prepar3D or X-Plane 11.
    • To connect FSX or Prepar3D to OnAir, at least the free version of FSUIPC is required and can be obtained here.
    • To connect X-Plane 11 to OnAir, after you choose that option in the drop-down box, two new buttons will appear (Pick Directory and Auto-install X-Plane 11 Plugin) which will allow you to select your X-Plane 11 install directory and then install the plugin.
  • I don’t use a simulator...: If you don’t plan on flying yourself in a simulator and want to only play by using AI pilots, check this box. This will also allow you to use your own avatar to fly as if it was an AI pilot.
  • Synthetic Voice: Choose one of the voices that you have installed on your system which OnAir will use to make helpful verbal announcements during some parts of your operations such as during checkrides or to inform you of the wind conditions during your final approach. You can use the “Listen” button to hear what each voice sounds like.
  • Company UTC offset: If you play in Survival Mode, OnAir will force you to fly at the correct, current UTC time at your location in your simulator (this can be turned off in non-survival mode; see “Don’t Force time in sim” on the next page). The Company UTC offset can be adjusted at any time, as long as you don’t have any active flights in your company (yourself or AI). This offset affects the following things:
    • It allows you to fly at your preferred time of day in your simulator, even in Survival Mode. For example: Let's say that the current UTC is 14:00. You want to make a flight that originates in New York City, which at the current UTC is at 09:00 local NYC time. If you are ok flying from NYC at 09:00 in your simulator, leave the Company UTC offset at 0. If, however, you would prefer to fly at 03:00 in your simulator instead, set the Company UTC offset to -6 (09:00 -6 = 03:00).
    • It also affects the operating hours of airports. This is important because every landing made at an airport outside of its operating hours will cost your company a 200cr penalty.
    • The above two points also apply to your company’s flights performed by your AI pilots.

Warning-Message-18.png Note: The Company UTC offset has nothing to do with your actual physical location (where you live).

  • Interface Sounds: Toggles the OnAir application interface sounds (when clicking buttons, etc.).
  • Ambiance Sounds: Toggles any additional sounds. At this time, this only affects unhappy passenger sounds during flight if you exceed either 3G or –2G.
  • Use small airports: Toggles job generation for your company to/from smaller (size 0 and size 1) airports. If you are not interested in jobs into or out of smaller airports, keep this turned off. In addition, not all simulators that OnAir supports have every single smaller airport that is in our database. Turning off this option will ensure that any job generated for your company will only involve larger airports that are present in most simulators.
  • Announce wind in finale: Toggles OnAir’s verbal wind conditions announcement during your final approach.

Warning-Message-18.png Note: The following settings (in the area surrounded by a blue border in the picture above and in the application) are disabled in Survival Mode. If you are playing in Survival Mode, you can turn it off here but if you do, you will not be able to turn it on again for this company.

  • Instant Player Transport: Toggles the ability to instantly transport yourself to any airport within the OnAir World. Even when this is turned off by choice or in Survival Mode, you will still have the option to instantly transport yourself to the location of an aircraft that you rent or buy for your company as long as you have not yet completed any flights.
  • Instant Employee Transport: Toggles the ability to instantly transport any of your employees to any airport within the OnAir World.
  • Checkride difficulty: Sets the difficulty level of aircraft class certification Checkrides. This does not affect the checkrides of your employees.
  • Minimum Aircraft renting time: Sets the minimum hours of rental time that you will be charged for when renting aircraft for your company. The options have the following minimums:
Realistic Medium Low
Single Engine Piston 4h/day 2h/day 1h/day
Multi-Engine Piston 5h/day 2.5h/day 1.25h/day
Turboprops 6h/day 3h/day 1.5h/day
Jets and Heavy Jets 8h/day 4h/day 2h/day
Helicopters 4h/day 2h/day 1h/day
  • Instant cargo and PAX loading: Toggles instant cargo and passenger loading during Flight Preparation.
  • Unlock all Skill Tree: When you turn this on, all the skills in the Company Skill Tree will be unlocked, allowing you to take advantage of every company feature and bonus right away. If you decide to turn this off again, the Company Skill Tree will be reset to how it was before you fully unlocked it, and you will also have any additional skill points that you may have earned since. See the Company Skill Tree chapter for details on what each skill does.
  • Disable employee rest: Toggles your company employees’ automatic rest. When this is turned on, your employees will not require rest in between their duty shifts but your company will still be charged an overtime penalty each time you force them to work past their duty hours. See the Employees chapter for more details on employee management.
  • Don’t Force time in sim: If you turn this on, you will be allowed to fly at any time and date in your simulator, instead of conforming to the current UTC time. This also eliminates the need to set a Company UTC offset. When this is on, “Disable Landing Penalties” is automatically turned on as well. This option also disables the warp delay that would normally occur when time acceleration is used during a simulator flight.
    • Disable Landing Penalties: Turning this on disables the 200cr landing penalty incurred when landing at an airport outside of its regular operating hours. This also applies to your company’s flights performed by your AI pilots. This option can be turned on independently of its parent setting.
  • Jobs Pay Bonus: If you would like to speed up your path to riches, this is where you can increase the amount of credits you will receive for completing jobs. The maximum bonus is 90%.

Warning-Message-18.png Note: Remember to click “Save” to apply any changes made to your settings but keep in mind that many settings cannot be changed if you have any active flights in your company (yourself or AI).

  • Pause my Company: You can pause your company if you need to be away from it for a while. When you pause, your loans and aircraft ownership costs are paused and long-term (but not freelance) employees will not get paid. The cost to pause your company depends on your company value. The formula is: company value/100 + 4000cr. You cannot pause if you have any rented aircraft.
  • Restart my Company: Use this with caution as it will permanently erase your current company, allowing you to create a new one.