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OnAir is a persistent online world in which you, as your company's CEO, manage your own commercial airline. Your company could be a small local bush plane charter in the middle of Alaska, a regional airline covering a small part of Europe, or a huge international conglomerate that offers services throughout the world…or anything else that you can think of. Your ambitions and goals are your only limitations.

Some features of OnAir Airline Manager include:

  • Search for available Jobs from or to any airport, listing distance, payment, expiration, and experience among other details.
  • Build an FBO[1] at key airports and receive customizable job offers, based on size, distance, direction, and more. They also allow you to:
    • Purchase fuel at wholesale prices, which you can use for your aircraft or profit from reselling to other players.
    • Own aircraft tie downs and hangars to save on parking fees.
    • Receive discounts on landing charges.
    • Build private storage hangars to avoid fees charged by the airport when cargo is unloaded.
    • Use private workshops to maintain your aircraft or sell such services to other players.
    • Offer quarters for your employees to use for rest, saving on hotel costs.
  • Missions are special jobs which are available for each level of your company and never expire. Complete one for bonus experience and a chance to visit areas that you might not frequent.
  • Fly jobs within a supported flight simulator, employ only AI pilots to complete jobs (also known as Tycoon Mode), or do both!
  • Use time acceleration to save some time and complete jobs quicker if needed. Note that using this feature will place your character in "warp[2]" for the real time duration.
  • Easily resume flights if your simulator crashes with the simple click of a button.
  • Multitask while OnAir is tracking your flight. Initiate maintenance of company aircraft, direct employee to take jobs and work orders, or any other administration your company needs; all while you fly, no need to pause.
  • Skill points are awarded for each level gained by experience from completing jobs and missions, which can be spend in the company Skill Tree.
  • The Global Job Market allows you to hire pilots, co-pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics. Employees can be trained to improve their skills and certifications.
  • A Live Operations Map allows you to see all of your employees and aircraft in real time.
  • Create multi-leg Work Orders for your employees to automatically complete several jobs you've accepted along their route, instead of managing each job as they are finished.
  • Special global community events offer increased experience and credits as players work together for a common goal delivering cargo or passengers.
  • Use the free Mobile Apps for iOS and Android to access your Company Dashboard and Logistic Center to search for and accept jobs[3] when away from your PC.
  • Outsource your jobs in part or whole to other players to complete on your behalf for a portion of the rewards.
  • Adjust your company's realism as you prefer, or even enable Survival Mode which disables unrealistic options.
  • Each of the Worlds in OnAir provide additional choices for difficulty and access to leaderboards.
  • Pause your company[4] if needed for extended periods to place a hold on company expenses and payroll until you can return.


  1. Fixed-base operator.
  2. May be overridden in Global Settings
  3. More features are planned for the future.
  4. A one-time fee is required to pause your company. See Global Settings.