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What is the Live Map?

The Live Map displays an overview of all your company’s current Live Operations.

Here, you will find a list of all the aircraft in your fleet, both rented and owned and a map that displays the location of each one, as well as the location of all your company employees. If you have rented out any of your aircraft to other players, those will also be shown on the map.

The blue header displays the current UTC date and time and just below it, are filters to help you narrow down which of your company aircraft are displayed, both in the list and on the map.

Each aircraft “tile” shows details about its current state and condition as well as any action buttons that are applicable to its current state. The possible action buttons that you may see here are described below:

Live Operations Map Example
  • Prepare the next flight (only available if the aircraft is not busy) - loads the initial Flight Preparation page where you can load fuel, cargo and passengers.
  • Fly (only available if the aircraft is in the middle of refueling or loading/unloading) - loads the second and final Flight Preparation page where you can finalize your flight’s departure.
  •  Resume Flight (same icon as ”Fly” and only available if you have already started tracking the flight but have left the Flight Tracking page) - loads the current Flight Tracking page for this flight.
  • Take a checkride (only available if you are not yet certified to fly this type of aircraft and if it is not busy) - loads the Flight Tracking Preparation page, allowing you to start a certification checkride using this aircraft from its current location. More details on checkrides can be found in the Checkrides section of the Flights page.
  • Find jobs at the current airport (only available if this aircraft is not in flight) - loads the Logistic Center and starts a search for jobs around the aircraft’s current airport.
  • Aircraft details - loads the Aircraft Details page.

The aircraft icons on the “tiles” and on the map as well as their status icons are the same as on the Jobs Map, and are described in detail in that part of this document. Clicking on any aircraft “tile” will cause the map to center on the aircraft’s location.

The map here has features similar to those found on the Jobs Map, with the addition of more company data display options which are found in the upper left corner of the map and a visual list of all your company employees to the right side of the map.