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Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

OnAir mobile home page

The use of free companion mobile apps for iOS and Android is included with your regular subscription to OnAir. To use them, you will need to log in with your main OnAir account. They can be found on the respective mobile app stores by searching for “OnAir Airline Manager”.

The picture on the right is an example of the iOS App which is very similar to the Android App. Here, you can see the latest news, your company notifications and you can also use the ”JOBS” button to search for and accept available jobs, just like you can in the Logistic Center in the main desktop Windows application.

More features will be added to the mobile apps in future updates.

Mobile application has been temporary removed from the stores, users making bad rating because the mobile app is only usable to search and take jobs. We will publish another version next year with more features.