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Being that OnAir Airline Manager is a persistent online world, it includes ways that you can connect with other players. More player interaction features are planned for future updates but one way that you can already share your experience with others, is by cooperative job completion, known in the OnAir World as Outsourcing. Details on the mechanics of Outsourcing can be found in the Outsourcing Jobs section of the Jobs chapter but this chapter will provide you with some ideas on how you can put the Outsourcing feature into practice.

OnAir provides many ways of completing jobs. You don’t always have to fly the whole job yourself and you don’t have to fly a job non-stop. You can fly a 2000NM job in a Cessna 172 if you like, by splitting it up into smaller legs so you can refuel. You can even take the cargo or passengers part of the way and then have an AI pilot take them the rest of the way or you can deliver the cargo or passengers in multiple trips if the load is too much for your aircraft to carry. But to engage the help of other players in the OnAir World, you can use the Outsourcing feature.

Outsourcing Examples

Example #1

Let’s say that you found an Event Logistic Job around the Chicago area, as shown in the picture. It’s a good paying job that requires delivery of Equipment Pallets, Technicians and Army Personnel from four different locations to an event located near Indianapolis (KHFY). The only issue is that you only have one aircraft in the area and because the job expires soon, there is no way that you will be able to complete it in time by yourself.

You could rent more aircraft and hire more pilots to help you but you remember that one of your friends, who also has a company within the OnAir World does a lot of flying around the Chicago area and you already have a Partnership established with him (more on Partnerships within the OnAir World can be found later in this chapter). While a Partnership is not required to create an Outsourced Job, it can be helpful because it allows you to make the job visible only to your partners.

So, you set up the Outsourcing Proposal for two of the four legs, departing from 79IL and KCUL (you realize that you can manage the other two yourself) and notify your friend. You can even use the built-in mail system to send him a private message. Your friend accepts the offer you have created and completes the outsourced portion of the job and gets paid the amount which you offered when creating the proposal. You complete your portion and also get paid by the system because all parts of the job have been delivered. Now both your and your friend’s companies have more credits because you were able to work together to complete a job that you otherwise would not have been able to complete yourself.

Example #2

You run a small Alaskan charter company and one day you find a very lucrative job (5,000,000cr) while searching the Logistic Center but you know that you are not in a position to complete it at this time. The job doesn’t expire for another 7 days so you take a chance and accept it, planning to outsource the entire job and offer 90% of the pay to anyone who accepts and completes it. You create the Outsourcing Proposal, offering 4,500,000cr as the wage for completion.

Eventually, another player finds the Outsourced Job and since they run a large company which can easily handle the delivery, they accept and complete the job on time. Because the entire job is now delivered, the other player’s company earns 4,500,000cr while your company earns 500,000cr without you having to fly a single mile.

Example #3

You are based in Germany and have built up a large company, mainly flying jobs between major airports in Europe and the US. You prefer to fly most jobs yourself instead of having a large staff and for obvious reasons, you only fly large aircraft which can make the transatlantic journey quickly. However, you have been seeing a lot of jobs originating at large hubs around your main base of operations with destinations at small airstrips all around the US. You would like to take advantage of the profits that such jobs can provide but you really don’t want to set up small aircraft operations in the US…and landing your large jets on such small runways is out of the question.

While chatting on the official OnAir Discord server, you befriend a person who loves flying smaller aircraft around the US, in fact, it’s the main thing that his company specializes in! You create a Partnership between your two companies where you accept and fly cargo and passengers from around Europe in your large jets and deliver them to main hubs around the US. You then outsource the jobs to your new partner who makes the deliveries to their final destinations. Both companies profit and you have a great time creating the logistical operations for this venture.

Example #4

You are running a company based in San Francisco, and you prefer to fly exclusively in that area only (all your addon scenery is there) but you see many jobs originating from your area with destinations around Denver and you would like to take advantage of them. You find another player whose operations focus mainly around Colorado and form a Partnership with them.

The idea is that each of you will accept jobs with destinations around the other person’s base of operations. You will then both transport the cargo or passengers to Phoenix (which is a good in-between point) and do a load exchange where you take your partner’s load to the West Coast where it needs to be delivered while he takes your load to the Denver area, where its destination is. This, of course, is accomplished by using the Outsourcing feature.


Partnerships in the OnAir World allow players to work together for common goals. You can access the Partnerships page from the “World” menu by selecting “Partnerships” or from the “Partners” area on Your Company Dashboard.

This page displays all of your active Partnerships as well as any invitations that you have sent or received. You can take actions here to cancel any active Partnerships or sent invitations and accept or decline any received invitations.

Partnerships provide the following benefits:

  • When creating Outsourcing Job Proposals, you can choose to have the Outsourced Job be visible and available only to your partners.
  • On Your Company Dashboard, you can see when your partners are online within the OnAir World.
  • Partnerships allow you to communicate via the OnAir internal mail system, described in the next section.
  • The “Propose a partnership” button loads the following page:

Here, you can send an invite to:

  • A player who has already registered in OnAir by either entering their e-mail address or their company’s four-character code.
  • A friend who has not yet joined OnAir by entering their e-mail address.


OnAir provides a simple internal mail service where you can send private messages to your partners. You can access the mailbox from the “My Company” menu by selecting “Mailbox”.

When sending mail, you can choose the recipient from a drop-down list of your partners.