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Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you along your journey as an airline CEO:

  • Have a long-term plan, especially if you’re playing on Survival Mode. While you may be able to become the next multi-millionaire quickly when playing on the regular modes, in Survival Mode you should be prepared to spend a good amount of time planning, managing, and flying if you want to be successful. Survival Mode is not meant for those who like to rush to the destination, but rather for those who enjoy the journey. The upcoming leader boards will only be available to companies that are in Survival Mode.
    • An example of having a plan would be to ensure the airport your landing at has fuel, a big enough runway, and a job that meets your requirements.
  • Some smaller U.S. airports in the OnAir database have an extra letter “K” in front. So, if you aren’t able to find it in your simulator, try omitting the “K”.
  • Never fly empty anywhere if you can avoid it, which most of the time you can. There are jobs almost everywhere and if you don’t find one going from a specific airport, you can search surrounding airports in the Logistic Center and chances are there will be a suitable job nearby (remember to enter all the search parameters like Range and max Cargo/Passengers). You can also search for jobs going to an airport by changing the Direction. If you plan ahead and are always on the lookout, you can usually make each flight with a full load which means more profit.
  • When you have an aircraft flown by an AI crew that needs a 100-hour inspection, you can start skill training on the AI crew at the same time since it takes 24 hours to do both.
  • Passengers boarded onto an aircraft will only stay there for up to an hour. If you keep them on board longer without starting a flight, they will deboard the aircraft and you will have to board them again.
  • Whenever any of your owned aircraft are not being used for a few days, think about performing maintenance or repairs on them as described in the Aircraft Maintenance section of the Aircraft chapter.
  • Regarding different entries of the same aircraft sometimes found in the database:
Any time a player imports an aircraft into the system which does not exactly match anything that is already present, a new entry is created. In real world terms, you can think of it this way: if you were to post an ad somewhere asking to buy a Cessna 172, you would probably get a lot of replies asking you exactly which model of the 172 you are looking for, as the options are almost countless.

The same thing happens with OnAir where you have many different types of addons that represent the same real world aircraft. In order to avoid issues (even simulator crashes), whenever someone imports an aircraft that has even a small difference in stats, a new "version" is created. If it has the same name, a sequential (#) is added after the name to help distinguish it from the others. So essentially, if someone plays around with any of the stats in the aircraft config file that OnAir reads or does anything else to change what the simulator reports to OnAir when searching the database for an aircraft loaded in the simulator, a new version will be created.